The author, Mary Karol, is a former law school professor and frequently published in business and tax journals and books. She wrote this booklet to be informative and easy for anyone to read and understand. It is written from the heart of a daughter who lost her mother to a stroke, because no one recognized the symptoms of a stroke and did anything to help. The author hopes that every family will train each person in the family at any age to recognize a stroke and call 911. Proceeds from this booklet go to the Survive a Stroke Foundation.


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Strokes are the #4 cause of death and the
#1 cause of disability in the United States

Today you may be happy, enjoying life, feeling good and having a great day. But, imagine tomorrow waking up and not be able to swallow or talk. No warning. You cannot ask for help. You cannot tell anyone that something is wrong. Your cries for help will not be heard. No one can hear you. You may even have medical personnel around you who do nothing or who actually incorrectly diagnose you and make you worse. You cannot tell them what is wrong. Precious time starts slipping by.